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Vacuum/Dryer Tanker

$$22,000.00 +GST

This 1,000 litre tanker is NOT ONLY a vacuum tanker, it is a vacuum-cleaner-dryer. As you can see it has a 900mm wide vacuum head, attached to 10mt of 65mm flexible hose used to vacuum large wet areas and make them dry. Also used in flood damaged areas that need drying, as well as in chicken sheds after washing. This removes the water and dries the concrete in one action.


Vacuum Tanker

$$27,500.00 +GST

This 1,000 litre vacuum tanker can suck 1,000 litres of fluid per minute. It has a wide range of uses. Gutters, tanks, pools, troughs, septic tanks, porta potty’s, you name it, it’ll suck it! These can also be used to pressurise and clear blocked lines.

Other sizes made to order. POA.

The manufacturer reserves the right to amend prices and specifications without notice.

Ownership does not pass until the goods have been paid in full.

All Prices plus GST & Freight.

This puddle would have taken around 3 minutes to remove the water with this guys old vaccum now as you can see it alot faster with his new one we have just made. As you can see it sucks up the surface water and then the concrete is left to dry with the fans on.

Posted by Burkhart Farm Equipment Ltd on Monday, 3 April 2017